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"Travis Eddie is one of Brighton's hidden

musical gems and of Brighton, the most talented female artist who adapts to

many styles of music and genres

with her striking vocals

and guitar chops!"

- Andy Moore

"This is Travis. She's king of all the queens. Her vocals are extrordinary, her passion for performance is captivating, and her bond between audiences creates a memorable night full of happy feet.

We like Travis. Travis is great."

- Chuck SJ Hay

"Travis Eddie is a talented and eclectic musician, her skills with a guitar and her voice alone are enough to make your feet move and put a smile on your face."
- Kevin Knowlson

Travis Eddie is a female singer/song-writer, guitarist and drummer born and bred in the heart of Brighton, UK. 

Growing up surrounded by musicians and artists, Travis took an interest in music from a very young age and became involved with various different musical projects including sessional work with bands, theatrical performances and most recently becoming front woman of all girl wedding/function band 'She Said Yes’.

Previously the front girl for the hugely popular band 'Eddie Berlitz”, Travis toured the UK with many festivals including Girls Out Loud Festival, Belfast and Brighton Pride. 


More recently Travis has begun building up her repertoire which started when she lived in Australia and made a living out of busking on the streets of Sydney. Since arriving back in the UK, Travis has been writing an album and also concentrating on her new and upcoming all girl band 'She Said Yes'. 


Travis is also involved with other projects such as performing within the care industry to adults with disabilities and the eldery. Travis was approched by CAE agency (Care, Activities and Entertainment) over a year ago and has been working with them since.


Travis - "It's just so amazing to be able to work so closely with residents in the care industry and use music as a way of communicating with them. I perform to elderly patients with dementia, as well as young adults with disabilities. Some of them love to sing along with the microphone and others get up to dance around the room. You see such amazing benefits”

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